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Aisvarya - a world building project
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This is a worldbuilding project for spec-fic writers.

Feel free to join and contribute to our project. We definitely welcome - and encourage! - fresh ideas, but by joining you understand that in Aisvarya, community maintainers ahavah and lessthan90sheep have veto power and final say. This is our world, and we are gods here - and we've moderated together enough to recognize what will and will not work for us.


Community owner ahavah realized that when writer's block hit, she had a tendency to write mostly in her rpgs (role playing games). It was easy to write when the world and it's laws had already been established, without having to worry about starting from scratch. Unfortunately, when you write a story based in someone else's universe, you can't sell or publish it.

So she teamed with long-time writing partner and fellow gamer lessthan90sheep to create a new world, a world where writers could jump in and just write a story that appealed to them. With an established universe, authors can feel free to focus on other things (like improving certain skills) without getting bogged down in the finer details. It is our hope that as a collaborative effort, writers might find new and innovative avenues to explore that may not have occurred to them otherwise.


This is Aisvarya.

In a time lost to myth, humans on Earth were forced to seek new planets to colonize. Worlds that could support earthlife were few and far between. This was no great interstellar conglomerate - this was a few lucky people taking what they could and praying fervently for life. They brought all that they could carry, but they also adapted to their new worlds.

Aisvarya is far, far from earth. On the journey, something happened. What, no one knows, but Earth was never heard from again. Today, Earth is not even a memory. Aisvarya is all they know.

It's an exotic and fertile land, at once like and not like Earth. Before humanity's arrival, Aisvarya was ruled by entities of vast power. On Aisvarya, the gods are real.

What happens when gods and humanity attempt to co-exist?

That's what we're here to discover.